CISPUB™ Support

CISPUB is an enterprise software system designed by publishing people for magazine publishers and book publishers. For more than 20 years, CISPUB maintained a position of technical leadership in integrated enterprise software and intefrated publishing software for publishers as the first system to operate across all major hardware platforms and the first truly "NT-friendly" system. In 2005 Media Services Group acquired the rights to the CISPUB product and has continued to support its valued customers. However, in 2007 Media Services Group launched a next generation product, Élan Book Solution. The Élan Book product provides a full spectrum of integrated features designed specifically to meet the increasing needs of publishers and operates as part of a larger suite of publishing software.

Although the CISPUB publishing software is no longer being marketed, Media Services Group continues to support our existing publisher client base in the use of this enterprise software system. We support the following standard software modules:

For publishers interested in upgrading to our fully integrated Élan publishing software solution, we invite you to review the benefits now available in Élan Book Solutions or schedule a demo to learn more.