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The Cat's Pajamas publishing softwareThe Cat's Pajamas is a software suite designed to streamline accounting functions in the book publishing and magazine publishing industry. For more than 30 years, the Cat's Pajamas system of integrated programs has nimbly responded to changes in the publishing industry and has increased productivity of its client publishers. In 2007, Media Services Group acquired the rights to the Cat's Pajamas product and has continued to support its valued customers. However, in 2007 Media Services Group launched a next generation product, Élan Book Solution. The Élan Book product provides an upgrade path for Cat's users to Élan Book and a full spectrum of integrated features designed specifically to meet the increasing needs of publishers and operates as part of a larger suite of publishing software.

Although the Cat's Pajamas accounting software is no longer being marketed, Media Services Group continues to support our existing publisher client base in the use of this software system. We support the following standard software modules:

  • Orders  
  • Returns
  • Accounts receivable
  • Customer service
  • Backorders
  • Royalties Software
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Book Inventory Software
  • Direct mail
  • System options

For publishers interested in upgrading to our fully integrated Élan publishing software solution, we invite you to review the benefits now available in Élan Book Solutions or schedule a demo to learn more.

Some Cat's customers who are in the process or have upgraded to Élan Book include: Hay House, Judson Press, The New York Botanical Press and Texas Tech University Press to name a few.

Cat’s Pajamas Élan Book Upgrade
The Élan cloud platform is computing based on the internet. Benefits of the cloud include: 
Flexibility- If your needs increase, it’s easy to scale up your cloud capacity
Disaster Recovery- Your software and data are always backed up
Automatic Software Updates- You are always on a current version of Élan
Work from Anywhere- you can access from any internet device (PC, tablet, smartphone)
Support- Helpdesk technical support is included in the monthly fee
New features Cat’s customers get with Élan Book:
• Integrated general ledger
• Integrated job costing (work in process)
• Inventory movement by impression (first in first out)
• PCI compliant credit-card processing
• Optional integrated ecommerce interface in real time
• Multiple POD vendors
• Sell from different warehouses on the same order
• Promotional campaign discounting/shipping options
• Promotional campaign bonus product options
• Improved royalty processing by different cycle periods
• Royalty sub-rights management
• Month-end closing is replaced by end-of-day processing: Always know exactly where your sales and COGs stand during the month.
• More powerful reporting through Informer: Schedule reports, add reports to corporate repository, create Live Excel reports, email reports
• Built-in capabilities for emailing invoices, credits, and statements. This is an add-on in Cat’s.
• One customer can easily have different addresses for a single account
• Individual customers have different fields for first and last names
• Much improved database information for royalty recipients (authors)
• Additional integrated modules: Subscriptions, eCommerce, CRM, Web-based Reporting and Production Lifecycle Management (PLM)