Newscycle Solutions rebrands as Naviga

The new brand emphasizes the company’s commitment to customer success and digital innovation

Bloomington, MN – April 30, 2019 – Newscycle Solutions today announces a comprehensive rebrand, changing its name to Naviga. The rebrand includes a new company identity, logo, visual design, website and mission. With its “Venture Forward” tagline, the name Naviga reinforces a commitment to partnering with global customers to move toward digital expansion and success in rapidly shifting markets. The rebranding also reflects the company’s recent growth and vision for the future.

“Over the six years since our company was formed, the industries we serve have evolved dramatically,” said Naviga CEO, Scott Roessler. “To keep pace with this transformation, we have also evolved, expanding our solution suite through numerous acquisitions and strategic initiatives. Our new company identity reinforces our continued focus on accelerating progress so our customers can focus on growing their businesses.”

With over 2,500 customers in 45 countries, Naviga’s content creation, syndication, presentation and monetization solutions are used by media organizations, financial services businesses and Fortune 500 companies to deliver content across all channels and to manage end-to-end subscription and advertising revenue.

“The Naviga name reflects our commitment to ensuring our customers are always ready for the future,” said Roessler. “Tomorrow’s challenges demand an agile partner that offers access to a flexible suite of solutions and expertise. We want our customers to know we’re prepared to help them with what lies over the horizon.”

In addition to the rebranding effort, Naviga is also introducing a new operating model centered around customer success and the company’s native digital solutions. The company has appointed a team of executive general managers to focus on specific solution sets, with product and services teams aligned under an agile methodology. This new structure enables closer interaction across the organization and a shared services network with a collaborative framework for delivering better and faster innovations.

“The move to Naviga is part of a larger digital-first product and customer centric strategy that positions the company to support the adoption of cloud solutions across broad-based media and financial services markets,” said Denise Warren, Naviga board member and former New York Times and Tribune Publishing executive.

About Naviga

Naviga ( is the leading provider of software and services powering media-rich industries. Our content creation, syndication, presentation and monetization solutions help companies drive profitability and accelerate digital business models. With headquarters in Bloomington, MN and regional offices throughout the world, Naviga is a trusted partner serving over 2,500 news media, broadcast, magazine, financial services and corporate clients in 45 countries. For more information, please write to us at

What makes Naviga different?

We accelerate progress.

Growing your business means turning smart thinking into action. We assemble leaders to tackle your problems and expand your opportunities.

We listen and respond.

Challenges evolve constantly, and our partners need solutions to match. We improve every day by providing an open channel for our partners to tell us what they need.

We constantly simplify.

Software can be both powerful and easy to use. We focus on making technology and services as intuitive as possible.

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NEWSCYCLE Solutions acquires pioneering Scandinavian software provider Infomaker

Newscycle adds Infomaker’s innovative digital solutions for news media companies to have a digital first omnichannel publishing platform.

Bloomington, MN — July 3, 2018 — NEWSCYCLE Solutions (“Newscycle“),the largest software supplier serving the global media industry, today announced the acquisition of Infomaker, a Swedish software company that provides open, cloud-based publishing platforms for content creation, editing, asset management, and omni-channel delivery and presentation.

Infomaker is the dominant provider of digital tools for content creation, planning and production across the Nordic region with seven of the ten largest media houses operating Infomaker software and over 90 percent of Sweden’s news companies using Infomaker’s tools. In 2012, Infomaker expanded its focus to become digital-first, delivering to the market innovative solutions for digital presentation, decoupled content management, and create-once-publish-anywhere workflows. Hosted in the Amazon Cloud, the Infomaker content repository and platform can be scaled from small single-site publishers to large multi-company environments with parallel, redundant clusters.

“Infomaker has created an innovative, best-in-class digital publishing platform that leverages modern day digital development practices,” said Denise Warren, Newscycle board member and former Tribune Publishing and New York Times executive. “Newscycle’s customers will greatly benefit from the integration of this product and these practices into its portfolio.”

The integration of Infomaker’s tools with Newscycle’s existing products will provide customers worldwide with innovative content repository and authoring solutions in addition to Newscycle’s industry-leading advertising management solutions, subscription services, and mobile solutions. The combination will ensure that news media organizations can effectively and efficiently work across all platforms and at all levels of their organization.

“Infomaker, like Newscycle, is focused on the future of the media industry and making content available on all channels,” said Scott Roessler, Newscycle CEO. “Their solutions support multi-layered publication workflows, separating content production from storage, availability and presentation. This flexibility enables customers to quickly respond to changing business needs or capitalize on new digital opportunities.”

“With the combined support and expertise Newscycle and Infomaker bring to the market, we believe we can achieve our ultimate goal of developing the ‘media platform for everything’ where any kind of publishing activity is supported, regardless of the size of the business, industry or geographical presence,” said Karin Söderlund, Infomaker CEO.

Peter Månsson, Infomaker’s Chief Technology and Product Officer, adds, “Our company has successfully undergone the transformation from delivering traditional on-premise software to becoming a fully adaptable and flexible cloud-based provider of world-class solutions covering the creation, storage and availability functions, as well as presentation solutions in web, print and mobile apps. We attribute this transformation to our close cooperation with our customers as well as our collaborative, team-based development philosophy. We look forward to working with Newscycle to integrate our technology and methodology into the Newscycle products and organization.”

The transaction closed on July 3rd, 2018. Financial terms have not been disclosed.

About NEWSCYCLE Solutions
Newscycle is the leading provider of software and services powering the global media industry. Our content management, advertising management, subscription management and mobile solutions help companies drive profitability and accelerate digital business models. With headquarters in Bloomington, MN and regional offices throughout the world, Newscycle a trusted partner serving over 10,000 news media, broadcast, magazine, financial services and corporate clients. Please visit for more information or write to us at

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Peter Marsh
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NEWSCYCLE Solutions expands global media presence with Media Services Group acquisition

Media Services Group provides digital advertising and publishing software systems to global magazine and book markets

Bloomington, MN — February 1, 2018 — NEWSCYCLE Solutions (“Newscycle“), a leading provider of software technologies for the global media industry, today announced the acquisition of Media Services Group, a major supplier of integrated digital publishing, magazine advertising, and event management software for the global magazine and book publishing industries.

Based in Scottsdale, AZ with offices in Santa Monica, CA, Bridgeport, CT, Houston, TX, and London, UK, Media Services Group further extends Newscycle’s global footprint of enterprise software solutions for publishers. The Media Service Group teams will work collaboratively with the Newscycle teams in Bloomington, MN and its regional offices to offer a full suite of digital advertising management and publishing software products to support customers across multiple media verticals.

“Media Services Group and Newscycle share a vision for the digital future of the publishing industry,” said Jeff Shine, Media Services Group CEO. “This acquisition allows the combined company to accelerate its focus on a transformational digital strategy that meets the revenue, technology and operational objectives of publishers and advertisers alike.”

The Media Services Group software suite is notable for its cloud-based technology platform that offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions focusing on exceptional user experience and reliability. The company’s customers will continue to receive the same levels of support and services while also gaining the benefits of Newscycle’s global resources, experience and software products for content management, digital subscriptions advertising and mobile applications.

“Like Newscycle, Media Services Group provides mission-critical enterprise software platforms for media companies," said Scott Roessler, Newscycle CEO. “We are very excited about the opportunities that Media Services Group provides to accelerate our product roadmap, further enhance our product and service offering and create new functionality for all customers of the combined company.”

The transaction closed on February 1, 2018. Financial terms have not been disclosed.

Media Services Group represents Newscycle's continued commitment to growth through acquisition. In December 2017, the company acquired Acquire Media, a leading provider of content services to the news media, digital publishing, Fortune 500 and financial services industries. These acquisitions further strengthen Newscycle’s ability to provide transformative digital solutions and mission critical software to its global customer base.

About NEWSCYCLE Solutions
NEWSCYCLE Solutions develops and delivers software technology that empowers the global news media industry. Our editorial, advertising, circulation and mobile solutions enable publishers to drive profitability, accelerate digital business models and optimize core print operations. We help our clients create stronger, better-informed communities while safeguarding the integrity of news, advertising and customer information. Newscycle is a trusted partner serving over 1,200 media companies with 3,000 properties producing more than 8,000 titles in 30 countries. Our company is headquartered in Bloomington, MN and has U.S. offices in Florida, Michigan and Utah; with international offices in Denmark, Germany, Malaysia, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Canada and the United Kingdom. Please visit for more information or write to us at

About Media Services Group
Founded in 1985 to service the magazine advertising market, Media Services Group offers an extensive product portfolio designed to meet the ever-changing needs of all publishers. Over time Media Services Group has evolved to meet the digital advertising needs of the publishing industry. With offices throughout North America and Europe, Media Services Group provides integrated publishing software, magazine advertising software, and event registration software to hundreds of customers in the book and magazine industries.

Media Contact:
Peter Marsh
VP Marketing

Books International to Implement Élan

After an extensive review process, longtime Cat's Pajamas client Books International recently agreed to upgrade their Cat's software to Media Services Group's Élan Platform

Since 1984, Books International, a family owned and operated company has provided fulfillment services and in recent years expanding services to include print-on-demand and digital services to publishers worldwide from the company's headquarters in Dulles, Virginia.

Benjamin Thomas Joins Media Services Group

Media Services Group Ltd. (MSGL) announced the addition of Benjamin Thomas as Vice President of Operations for the Élan Book and Subscription systems. Said Tom Jensen, MSGL’s President of the Book and Subscriptions division, “Benjamin joins us with twenty years (20) of experience working for and supporting the publishing industry. During that time he has implemented, upgraded, specified enhancements for, and migrated multiple enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. He has a strong background in ERP-integrated ecommerce and business intelligence (BI) solutions. Throughout his career, Benjamin has maintained a focus on helping companies unlock the maximum value from their ERP investments.” Benjamin possesses a lifelong passion for the written word. He voraciously reads novels digitally but still starts each day reading a physical newspaper while drinking his morning coffee. Benjamin recently shared “I was drawn to MSGL because of the solid ERP platform and a culture to constantly enhance the software. I have some ideas about how MSGL can drive greater value for the customer service, marketing, AND editorial teams of our clients. I'm always on a mission to democratize the ERP. I firmly believe that a proper ERP solution can help move an entire organization forward. It’s a very exciting time.”

About Media Services Group

Media Services Group is a leading developer of integrated software solutions for media businesses. MSGL’s Élan cloud solutions include Book Publishing, Subscription Fulfillment, Product Lifecycle Management, eCommerce, Exhibition and Conference Management, Advertising and Membership Management