Media Services Group Ltd. (MSGL) announced the addition of Benjamin Thomas as Vice President of Operations for the Élan Book and Subscription systems.  Said Tom Jensen, MSGL’s President of the Book and Subscriptions division, “Benjamin joins us with twenty years (20) of experience working for and supporting the publishing industry.  During that time he has implemented, upgraded, specified enhancements for, and migrated multiple enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.  He has a strong background in ERP-integrated ecommerce and business intelligence (BI) solutions.  Throughout his career, Benjamin has maintained a focus on helping companies unlock the maximum value from their ERP investments.”

Benjamin possesses a lifelong passion for the written word. He voraciously reads novels digitally but still starts each day reading a physical newspaper while drinking his morning coffee.

Benjamin recently shared “I was drawn to MSGL because of the solid ERP platform and a culture to constantly enhance the software.  I have some ideas about how MSGL can drive greater value for the customer service, marketing, AND editorial teams of our clients.  I'm always on a mission to democratize the ERP.  I firmly believe that a proper ERP solution can help move an entire organization forward.  It’s a very exciting time.”

About Media Services Group

Media Services Group is a leading developer of integrated software solutions for media businesses. MSGL’s Élan cloud solutions include Book Publishing, Subscription Fulfillment, Product Lifecycle Management, eCommerce, Exhibition and Conference Management, Advertising and Membership Management


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