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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Optional Module works with 3rd party EDI software to electronically exchange information (invoices, purchase orders, bills of lading) between Élan and EDI trading partners.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Our CRM is specifically designed for the publishing industry to give you instant access to the data that helps you identify sales opportunities and maximize closing potential. Use the CRM to track prospects and existing clients and to view history, order status, future orders, credit history and current receivables.
The Media Services Group has developed a comprehensive approach to eCommerce that provides a direct and secure connection from your bookstore to your back-end database, giving shoppers real-time access to your physical inventory as well as digital content.
The MSGL eCommerce solution offers much more than backend functionality. Our team of web designers have worked closely with our developers to create customizable eCommerce bookstore and mobile bookstore templates tailored specifically for book publishers. The templated solution comes standard with every Elan eCommerce solution, but if you've got something more complex in mind, we can work with you to fully customize your customer's online and mobile shopping experience. See some examples of eCommerce websites we've done.

The core of our financial solution is an advanced relational database which provides exceptional flexibility for the accounting process. The cornerstone of the database and software is a versatile chart of accounts and accounting calendar. This gives each client the freedom to capture and work with data in a manner consistent with their unique operating requirements. The financial suite includes accounts receivable, collections, accounts payable, fixed assets and general ledger, with financial reporting and budgeting capabilities.

Analysis and Reporting
The Elan Book Solution includes more than 100 standard reports, but we understand every publishing business is unique. Our book solution software includes the tools to create user-defined reports and analysis so you can monitor your business as precisely as possible.
Order Processing
Simple-to-use order entry screens allow access to product descriptions, customer order status, course adoptions, transaction history, shipping information, backorders, invoices, packing lists and more. Extensive product maintenance, pricing history, inventory and warehouse details can be set with various security levels and groups.
Publishers face a number of unique inventory management problems. Tracking products through receipt, stocking, moving, packing and returns can turn what should be a simple process into a business nightmare. We offer a straightforward approach to your inventory needs with our incredibly user-friendly format.
Production & Job Costing
Organize and monitor your book project as it moves through each stage of production. Create estimates, track costs and interface with purchase orders and other financials to streamline your costing and production life cycle. Learn more about Job Costing.
Royalties and Subsidiary Rights Management
We understand that author relationships are perhaps a publisher's most important asset. The health and strength of these relationships today relies heavily on technology to provide timely and accurate payments, with precise accounting of things like advances, honorariums, bonuses, reserve for returns, and sub-rights sales. Our robust solution can handle the most complex royalty arrangements involving multiple contracts with different authors and contributors, terms based on sales channels and escalation rates with our royalty software. Subsidiary Rights management utilizes the Élan CRM to track all rights availability and contract negotiations.