Élan Book Solution Overview

Whether your book buyers are large booksellers, Amazon or visitors to your eCommerce website, you need to know who they are, what they're buying and how you can more effectively market to them.

The Élan Book Solution consolidates your customer data into one centralized CRM, seamlessly integrating your database with eCommerce and a full suite of publishing management tools and features, including book inventory software

Many service providers offer web building blocks and generic backend software applications, but only Media Services Group provides a fully integrated comprehensive publishing software solution developed with your specific business needs in mind. 
Utilizing our integrated suite of web-based tool for all book inventory management needs and you’ll experience fewer maintenance issues and a lower cost of overall system operation. As a cloud-based application service provider (ASP), we supply the robust hardware, up-to-date software, high bandwith, server security and system administration to keep you focused on your business and not on a complex technology infrastructure. 
We've also developed value-added services that are key to getting the most from your Media Services solutions. From needs consulting, pre-implementation planning and project management to training and post-implementation support, Media Services has the resources and expertise to maximize the ROI of your software.
Start with one or a combination of application software packages. Add others as you need them to build a fully integrated, single customer record data base. We can assist you in planning for and executing a sound technology strategy--with clear "markers" for getting value and a measurable ROI. If you have any further questions about our book solution, you can contact us for integrated publishing aid

Élan Book Delivers Results

Other publishers have experienced measurable ROI thanks to the Élan Book solution. Click here to download the Forward Movement Case Study. Executive Director Scott Gunn share his insights on how Élan Book has helped this religous book publisher. 

Élan Software For Managing Book Publishing Product Guide

Learn more about Élan Product Lifecycle Management software.