• Élan is an end-to-end Publishing Business Platform solution
    Reduce costly miscommunications,
    improve customer relationships and increase profitability by
    integrating, streamlining and modernizing your publishing & book sales workflow.
  • Élan Order Integration
    Sales, Web, POS, ONIX,
    Catalog, EDI, API
    All easily managed
    with Élan Order Integration.
    Élan keeps your
    flowing like
    ducks in a row
  • Real-time Web Integration!
    Élan E-Commerce Suite options
    We do the work…
    • Customizable Responsive Bookstore Templates that can be
    turned into a Full Custom Site in no time by our web development staff
    You do the work…
    • We offer full Back-end Database Integration via our extensive API
    A little of both …
    • We can provide our Mobile-Ready Shopping Cart to bolt into your existing websites
    All of these options support
    • Secure: SSL Technology & PCI Compliant Hosting
    • Manage Physical and Digital Inventory
  • Rights & Royalties
    • Ability to email statements & pay recipients electronically
    • Author available web portal
    • Support complex contract terms, calculation rules and relationships
    • Allows for intricate control of reserves and returns
  • Élan gives you a 360° view of your clients
    Work from a
    Single & Complete
    view of your clients from
    sales opportunity through
    billing and collections
  • kenburns1
    Élan Book
    Cloud-based so it can grow as your business grows
    •Powerful Order and Inventory management
    •Integrated Accounting (GL, AP, AR) at no extra charge
    •PCI Compliant Security
    •EDI, ONIX, and XML imports and exports
    •Manage multiple companies in a single database


Product Sales, Billing and Collections managed each year using Élan

$53 million+

E-Commerce sales processed each year (1m+ orders ) using Élan

11 million+

Products/Titles managed using Élan


Royalty and Sub-Rights Contracts managed using Élan

A modern, integrated publishing platform

Élan™ is a modular, cloud-based software platform built to streamline and integrate product management, production, sales, customer service and author services for publishers with annual revenue from USD $5 million to over $1 billion.

Pricing starts at around $3,000 USD per month for up to 10 users.

Production Management

The PLM [Product Lifecycle Management] system is designed to replace the whiteboards and spreadsheets so often found in the offices of your acquisition editors, production managers, editorial management, title managers and marketing teams.

It helps you keep track of key information about your products and project from concept through production, including copious amounts of metadata, notes and schedules - all in a shared database.

Order Management & Fulfillment

Élan™ can manage the sales and fulfillment of just about any kind of product, from traditional printer books, time based subscriptions based journals, curriculum, images, heck even calendars to more modern databases, website accesses, ebooks and digital content.

Flexible pricing models, marketing campaigns, promotion tracking and all the other features you would expect are here, including pick, pack and ship operations, electronic delivery through our DRM, returns management, even complex standing orders management.

Extend your reach with Point of Sale

Rights & Royalties

Élan™ can help you track and pay some of the most complex royalty arrangements ever dreamt up. Enter contracts, track advances against sales and returns. Since R&R is a part of a single business platform, you can see you obligations real-time and can generate statements and even checks all inside a single solution.

If you sell subrights, Élan™ will help you stay organized from negotiation through contract management, advances and author payments.

BONUS. You can even consider no longer printing and mailing Royalty Statements by sending your authors/contributors to your new “Author’s Portal website”. Provided by MSG but branded for you.

Sales & Marketing CRM

In addition to the traditional CRM features like Calendars, Emails, To-Do's and the like, Élan™ also includes powerful reporting tools, list management integrated to Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and Excel plus “Pinpoint”, our high-end sales analysis engine.
Whether you are analyzing sales, putting together the next promotional effort or monitoring the status of an active campaign, Élan™ give you all of the tools you need.

Need to manage an in-house sales team? Want to automatically send sales and commissions reports to outside reps on a schedule? Ya, it will help you do that too.

E-Commerce & Channel Integration

We recognize the critical need for real-time integration for your own website and key trading partners!
As such, we include the following at no extra fee. Our powerful web API, support for EDI and Onix 2.0 . Orders can flow in from various sources, including 3rd parties like Amazon and BN.com using EDI or Onix feeds, as well as from your own website using the Élan Book API. And it gets better, besides pushing orders in, you can pull customer and product data out of Élan just as easily.

Customer Service, Billing & Collections

Élan™ allows customer service reps to handle calls quickly and efficiently. Look up order details, tracking information, enter notes, schedule follow-up, issue credits or return authorizations, email copies of invoices or statements, all with just a few clicks.

In addition to handling your billing, Élan™ also includes a full Credit and Collections system, which can help you quickly prioritize your collection efforts, easily suspend bad-payers and insure that your team of collection reps are all working off the same information.

download elan book product summary


The Élan Book™ Solution consolidates your customer data into one centralized CRM, seamlessly integrating your database with eCommerce and a full suite of publishing management tools and features, including product sales, subscription management, and inventory software.



The Media Services Group has developed a comprehensive approach to eCommerce that provides a direct and secure connection from your website(s) to your Élan™ back-end database, giving shoppers real-time access to your physical inventory as well as digital content.


Integrated World

It’s a big integrated world these days, with multiple sales channels, trading partners, outsourced order fulfillment and distributed content creators. The Élan Business System was designed to easily support all this and yet still give you a single business database for products, sales, customers and content. Our É solution includes outstanding support for industry standards such as EDI & ONIX, as well as a powerful real-time API, and a wide array of file import and output utilities.


Marketing Analysis and Business Reporting

The Élan Book™ Solutions PinPoint, our marketing toolset designed to allow your team to leverage your order or customer data to find additional business opportunities. Business Reporting, Élan™ comes with 100 standard reports that cover the most frequent reporting needs, but we understand every publishing business is unique. So we include “Informer” the award winning data analysis and reporting tool by Entrinsik Solutions.

The User Experience

Élan is a cloud-based software platform that will work on any Internet connected device with a browser. It leverages the latest technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 to deliver a powerful, yet simple to use interface.

Work from Anywhere

Work from anywhere with an Internet connection. Élan is a cloud-based system that is available anywhere you are.

Access from Any Device

If your device is connected to the Internet and can run an HTML5-compliant browser - you are open for business!


Take full advantage of modern, touch-enabled devices like tablets, smart-phones, touch-enabled PCs and Laptops.

Customizable, Easy to Use

Élan is a flexible platform that can be configured to support any advertising-based business workflow.

Product Management

The Élan™ Platform supports all types of products from sales through billing and collections.

Digital Products, E-Books

Subscription & Licensed Products

  • Database
  • Pay Walls
  • Memberships

Traditional Printed Products

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Journals

Assembled and Adhoc Sets

Miscellaneous Goods

Point of Sale (POS)

On the go sales representatives need to take orders anywhere. The new Élan Book Touch Screen Point of Sale (POS) system allows quick processing of book and product sales and payments at shows, conferences, author events and other off-site locations.

Fast & Easy

  • Simple touch screen interface
  • Supports plug in:
    • Bar code readers
    • Credit card swipe devices
    • Receipt printers
  • Fast order entry
  • Accept credit card, cash or bill me for existing accounts
  • Allows processing of special ‘show’ pricing
  • Secure credit card processing
  • Calculates all sales taxes

Software Integration

  • Retrieve existing or create new customers
  • Integrates with Windows or Android devices
  • Integrated to Pay Pal and Authorize.net for token processing
  • Email or print receipts
  • Connects via USB (printer and credit card reader)
  • Orders and customers instantly integrated into the ERP

Product Management

  • View full catalog inventory or just on hand at event
  • Setup “hot list” of products for each event
  • Search by title, author or product description
  • Track sales by event
  • Supports multiple, simultaneous events

Subscription Management

This is not your father’s subscription management tool!
Don’t let our pretty new browser interface fool you, with 2 decades of development under the hood and thousands of publications under management, Élan Subs is built to handle large, complex, international subscription needs. As well as simple straightforward stuff, just keep it in second gear.

Allows you to manage

  • Magazine Circulation, paid or controlled
  • Journals, Databases, Website and other non-traditional subscription products
  • Memberships

Subscription & Licensed Products

  • Database
  • Pay Walls
  • Memberships

Traditional Subscription Products

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Journals


  • Manage large subscription volumes
  • Supports International standards for addressing, postal requirements and taxation
  • Can handle complicated deferred revenue models
  • Supports Time and Access based products
  • API allows you to integrate the Élan Subscription Database into your website offerings
  • Complies with circulation audits for Paid or Controlled subscriptions

An optional module of the Élan an Publishing ERP, Élan(™) Subscription includes: Customer Service, Collections, Sales and Marketing and a powerful business intelligence tool for reporting

Rights & Royalties

We understand that author/contributor relationships are one of your most important assets. The health and strength of these relationships today relies heavily on technology to provide timely and accurate payments, with precise accounting of things like advances, honorariums, bonuses, reserve for returns, and sub-rights sales.

Complex made easy..easier anyway

  • Fully supports fractional/digital content sales
  • Allows for intricate control of reserves for returns
  • Supports payments based on cash or accrual, at the contract level

How it works

  • Drag and drop to create new contracts
  • Turn a contact into a ‘contract template’ with one button
  • Take a peek at your upcoming obligations anytime during the royalty period

A bit more

  • Complete multi-currency support
  • Provides complete, integrated Rights Management as well
  • Easily manage advances, honorariums, bonuses and other related earnings and deductions

Author Portal

  • Optional Author Portal allows you to push statements, contracts and messages to a secure website
  • 24x7 website access makes it easy for your contributors
  • Avoid printing and mailing statements

Marketing Management

  • Publicity
  • Metadata Distribution
  • Catalogs
  • Websites

E-Commerce and API Features

Élan (tm) Book comes with both a fully developed product sales website OR a powerful API to do it yourself! Full integration into Élan to support

Real-time order flow

Whether you are using our E-commerce solution or using the API you can push orders into Élan™ and then get results back to the customer

e-Book & Digital Downloads

With the Élan™ you get our DRM (Digital Resource Manager) to support storage and delivery of downloadable products

PCI Compliant Credit Card Processing

Élan™ has a credit card token processing architecture whereby we ensure your orders and transactions are PCI compliant

Sell Products, Memberships, Subscriptions, Digital downloads in a single order

No other ERP solution fully supports products as diverse as Élan™ does. We have modules for Book product sales, membership management, subscriptions, and digital downloads and all can be sold together

Some Screenshots

Élan™ is a web-based application hosted on our cloud. It can be run from any device with an HTML5-compatible browser. Here are some screenshots to give you a feel for the user experience.

Financials, Payables and General Ledger

While Élan™ integrates with many well-known financial systems [like NetSuite, Great Plains and Oracle Financials], if you don't already have one - you don't need one! Élan has its own full-featured General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets and Financial Reporting modules that are perfect for many media businesses.

General Ledger

Import your existing chart of accounts from a spreadsheet - or start fresh - and you are off to the races.

With Élan all transactions automatically create entries in the appropriate general ledger accounts as they move through the system. Manual journal entries, cash disbursements, budgets, trial balance reports - yep, it does that too!

Accounts Payable

Élan makes payables flexible and straight-forward. You can enter invoices for payment, attach digital copies, setup invoice and payment approval queues, and generate checks. It also handles Positive Pay and ACH Payments.

Do you issue 1099's or 1042's? Élan has that covered as well.

Fixed Assets

If you are looking to track fixed asset acquisition, depreciation and disposal, Élan can help simplify the process. Keep track of all of your assets in once place, including receipts, warranties, serial numbers, photos and any other key documents.

Élan supports several depreciation models including straight line, reducing balance, fixed amount and accelerated depreciation.

Financial Reports

Provide your executives and key stake holders online, touch-enabled financial reports that will let them drill all the way down to the transactions detail on any given line of a report. Build just about any kind of custom report, or use the standard, pre-packaged P&L, 12 Period, Quarterly Trailing and Balance Sheet reports.

Prefer them in print? No problem, with Élan you can print them, export to PDF or Excel, even package multiple reports together and email them out, with just a few clicks.

Title Management

The PLM [Product Lifecycle Management] system can help you manage and organize your production efforts from concept through inventory receipts.


  • Project Management
  • Product Information
  • Categorization
  • Contributors, Readers and Reviewers
  • Contract Requests
  • Forecasts

Editorial Management

  • Bibliographic Data
  • Design Concepts
  • Descriptive Copy
  • Price History
  • Document & File Management

Publication Scheduling

  • Configurable Schedule Types
  • Role-based Views
  • Task Assignments
  • Staff Utilization
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Management Reporting

Production Management

  • Product Specifications
  • Vendor Costs
  • Production Schedules
  • Job Costing
  • Purchase Orders
  • A/P Receipts

Marketing Management

  • Publicity
  • Metadata Distribution
  • Catalogs
  • Websites

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Company Overview

The Media Services Group is an amalgam of companies – some new, some older. One of them dates back to 1972 when Nixon was still president and Pong was the video game rage.

We provide cloud-based software to media companies. Our customers publish books, websites, magazines and newsletters. Many of them put on events, conferences and trade shows.

We are a tech driven company. In fact, our CEO and our President are the primary system architects. We spend a ridiculous amount on development and love [nearly] every moment of it. We do have a small sales and marketing team, but rely mostly on word of mouth to earn new business.

We also employ a diverse [some may say eclectic] bunch of media experts to help you get the most out of our software.

Our software is used by hundreds of companies and thousands of professionals around the world. We have offices in the U.S.A. and in the United Kingdom.

Meet [some of] the team

Jeff Shine


Once known as a tech whiz kid but now too old for that title. Thinks he's hip but we know he watches Downton Abbey.
Dan Pellegrini

Ad Systems

A tech visionary that loves to create cool new stuff. Spends his evenings reading blogs on design and user experience.
Chris Wolf

Product Manager
Élan Accounting
and Royalties

Loves to read and relax on a beach so not sure why she still lives in the Midwest. After years of commanding that her family treat her like a queen, she now heads up our Accounting and Royalties offerings
Pamela Morales

VP of Operations
Ad Systems

Small in stature but big on organization and process. We hear she arranges her groceries by size and color in her refrigerator.
Wayne Burrows

Rock Star

Actually makes a system implementation interesting and entertaining. Probably should have been an actor.
Ron Motley


Ron makes our Cloud system work. He enjoys drawing complex diagrams and uses lots of TLA's [Three letter Acronyms].
Hugh Grantley

V.P of Operations

The publishing veteran who manages our UK operation. He is a little too obsessed with Arsenal Football Club.

Andrew Scott

VP of Sales

Worth speaking to just to hear his broadcast-quality voice. With at least a couple of decades in the media business, he is often interesting as well.

Allen Marks
Product Guru
Once a BPA Auditor, but he is much nicer now. Allen really knows a lot about circulation management.

Ted Thomason

Marketing Boss

Perennial winner of our Miss Congeniality award, Ted is typically the first person you will chat with when you contact us. He is the heart and soul of our client and prospect outreach.
Raymond Phelan

Product Manager
Ad Systems

Ray has overseen dozens of implementations and lived to tell the tale. Speaks softly but carries great knowledge.

Jeff's Dog

Jeff's dog. Doesn't do much but we thought it was a cute photo.

Our Locations

We have offices throughout North America, an office in London, England
and satelite employees [seemingly] everywhere in between.
Here is a short list of our brick & mortar locations.

Scottsdale, AZ

14614 N. Kierland Blvd, S-270
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Tel: +1 (602) 674-5800
Fax: +1 (602) 674-5874

Santa Monica, CA

1223 Wilshire Blvd. #596
Santa Monica, CA 90403-5400
Tel: +1 (310) 481-0052
Fax: +1 (310) 481-9997

London, England

4th Floor, 1 - 3 Mortimer Street
London, W1T 3JA
Tel: +44 (0) 207-436-0070
Fax: +44 (0) 207-580-5706

Bridgeport, CT

1000 LaFayette Blvd. FL11
Bridgeport, CT 06604
Tel: +1 (203) 683-6030

Houston, TX

5625 FM 1960 Road West
Suite 503
Houston, TX 77069

What our customers are saying

Over the years, Media Services Group has listened to its customers to such a degree that long-time users like us feel like we've had a hand in developing the software that we use for our business everyday. That is a great relationship to have with your software vendor.

Monty Anderson
Presbyterian Publishing Corp

Everyone at Media Services Group has been terrific to work with and Élan does so much more than we anticipated. We expect to deploy Élan as a global solution, one platform for everything. Web integration and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) are next events and we are very excited for those.

Patrick Bass
Systems Manager
Upper Room

We have been on Élan since May of 2014. Everyone on the Élan team that helped us with the transition and since has been great to work with. We still learn more every day!

Mary Smith
Controller - Davis Publications

“We wanted tighter integration between our back office system and customer-facing website, along with additional features such as user subscription self-service, electronic product delivery and more robust reporting. Élan gave us that."

Scott Gunn
Executive Director - Forward Movement